Decision at NHS Islington board meeting Thurs 29 Jan

We will be meeting outside the NHS Islington (PCT) headquarters at 336-342 Goswell Rd EC1V at 8:30am. The Campaign to Save Finsbury Health Centre has been invited to speak at the meeting which starts at 9:30, although we may be limited to 5 minutes with no questions.

Please join us if you can. Also write to Rachel Tyndall, Chief Exec (rachel[dot]tyndall[at]islingtonpct[dot]nhs[dot]uk) and Paula Kahn (paula[dot]kahn[at]islingtonpct[dot]nhs[dot]uk) to register your opinion, and copy it to our MP Emily Thornberry (thornberrye[at]parliament[dot]uk), Health Secretary Alan Johnson (johnsona[at]parliament[dot]uk) and us at the email on the left. Fill in the brackets with the symbol indicated – we’ve used this format to prevent spam.

There was a very good interview with John Allan, architect and friend of Lubetkin’s in the Islington Tribune yesterday, which you can see here. We have also won the support of Alexei Sayle, comedian and long-time resident of Bloomsbury, and the interest of a very reputable preservation trust in looking at refurbishing the building on the not-for-profit model of Thorpe Combe Hospital in Walthamstow and the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea. We have also been advised by lawyers that there are solid grounds for a judicial review in the event of a decision to sell.


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  1. Mrs Thatcher tried to close down Bart’s hospital and it’s still with us*.

    Is Rachel Tyndall styling herself after Thatcher? Or perhaps Shirley Porter? Is she going to try to sell off FHC for 15p?

    *from Hansard, House of Commons, Friday 22 January 1993:

    “St. Bartholomew’s Hospital

    “Mr. Chris Smith (Islington, South and Finsbury) : I have the honour to present a petition urging that St. Bartholomew’s hospital should not be closed but saved. The House will recall that Professor Tomlinson dismisses 900 years of history in seven paragraphs. Millions of people around the country do not wish St. Bartholomew’s to close. The petition is signed by 126,000 people, in addition to the 500,000 people who delivered a petition to 10 Downing street only a month ago.

    “The petition reads :
    “The Humble Petition of the patients and friends of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital
    “That St. Bartholomew’s Hospital is an indispensable resource for the health and welfare of the local community, a national centre of medical excellence, and provides all patients with a high quality of care.

    “Wherefore your Petitioners pray that your honourable House do all within your power to ensure that St. Bartholomew’s Hospital remains open for the benefit of local residents and patients who rely on its services and would be harmed by its closure.

    “And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray, &c. The petition is strongly endorsed by me, thousands of my constituents, and hundreds of thousands of Londoners.

    To lie upon the Table.”

    I’m at work on Thurs 29 Jan so can’t be at Goswell Rd. Wish you all the best with your protest there.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this.

    S Casey
    FHC registered patient & EC1 resident

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