Love Our Health Centre – FHC Information Day 14 Feb

We’re just picking ourselves up since the NHS Islington decision last Thursday to move services out of Finsbury Health Centre and sell the building – preparing with lawyers to file for a judicial review of the decision, housekeeping mailing lists, etc. The next day there was a disappointing response from Ben Bradshaw to our petition, which basically repeated what the PCT has been saying about costs, disability access and how they have looked into ‘many finance options’ over the years. But not, obviously, a not-for-profit trust!

A judicial review is a long process – first we have to apply for leave which can take six-ten weeks, and if the case is allowed then it’s usually another ten months before a decision. There are so many flaws in both the consultation and the information which has been given out, however, that we are confident of at least getting the case heard. We’ll need money, however, and help getting the word out.

If you’re in the area please come drop in to the Holy Redeemer, Exmouth Market on Saturday 14 February, 11am-2pm with coffee, tea, biscuits and information about our campaign and ways to get involved. If you can’t get there but would like to support the campaign to Save Finsbury Health Centre please leave a message of support here or email us at the address on the left.


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