Some movement at NHS Islington (PCT)?

Everyone still seems to be in the dark about what happens next after the Islington Council’s Health and Wellbeing Review Committee’s decision to refer the sale of Finsbury Health Centre and other service relocations to Alan Johnson, Secretary of State of Department of Health. It is supposed to go through the Independent Reconfiguration Panel, but so far there has been no word from the DoH about how long this might take or how evidence is taken for it.

Maybe, however, NHS Islington will make such a determination unnecessary. As Mark Gould reported in last Wednesday’s Guardian: “NHS Islington chief executive Rachel Tyndall, …would consider proposals for an NHS social enterprise or charity to run the building, as this might unlock Heritage Lottery funds…”

The Campaign to Save Finsbury Health Centre is meeting with Heritage of London Trust soon to come up with an alternative plan for the centre, which will refurbish the building with grant funding and allow NHS Islington to pay less than market rents. With any luck we may be able to find a way to both update the building and save money. Win-win after all?


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