Latest press: the fight carries on

On Friday both the Islington Tribune and Islington Gazette took the line that Alan Johnson’s decision last week was a clear victory for our campaign. Truth to say, while of course we’re happy that the issue is still up for discussion, we would rather have seen a more definite indication to keep the health centre open, and to have been able to carry on from that basis.  If we’re not included in the new ‘process’ mentioned to look at options for the FHC by both Alan Johnson and the IRP, we will be pressing for the issue to go back to the IRP for a full public review.

In the Guardian Tristram Hunt published an oddly misinformed piece comparing the sale of FHC to the care taken over the Penguin Pool. Although against the sale, he doesn’t seem to have been following events since the PCT decision in January.

In the meantime, after installing a small lightbox about the history of the building, the PCT recently filled the lobby of the health centre with rows of bright blue fixed seating, a move which seems a smack in the face to Lubetkin’s design, and certainly doesn’t seem justified by the number of people normally waiting there.  A patient also reported to us that he was pressured by his physiotherapist at FHC recently to start going to appointments in Hollaway, which he refused. Although ordered in February by the Health and Wellbeing Review Committee to do nothing with regards to the proposed changes until the matter is decided, the PCT seems to be maneuvering at several levels to undermine the committee’s decision – see below.


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