Fundraiser exceeds expectations

The splendid FHC cake by Teal Fraser

‘Nothing is too good for ordinary people!” was a great success. It attracted over 150 people during the evening, a very mixed crowd who enjoyed the singing from Hackney Secular Singers and Katy Carr, John Cooper’s stalwart and energetic compering, and a fascinating talk by John Allan about Lubetkin and the Finsbury Health Centre. In the end the raffle, auction and donations on the night netted nearly £6000!

Many thanks go out to all who gave time, energy and money, in particular all the businesses and artists who generously gave us so many prizes (listed in the post below). Most especially thanks also goes to Anne Hewitson who organised many of the practicalities, Teal Fraser who made the splendid cake, and Helen, Luigi, Andrew, Judith, Jon on the bar, Eileen, Tania, Stephano, Anna, Gary and Bernadette who made sure things ran fairly smoothly on the night. We had problems getting the sound system to work but managed without in the end, really only missing the planned music at the end with DJ Jeremy Brill. Next time!

There were a couple loose ends: we’re not sure who won the mending service and a green 81 raffle ticket won the print of Kirkwall Castle which was not collected. If this was you please get in touch at our email address on the left. We also fell down a bit on photography – if anyone has pictures of the crowd please forward!

Berthold Lubetkin as a young man

Berthold Lubetkin as a young man

Artwork at auction

Artwork at auction


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