Islington Council to hear more evidence

Islington Council’s Health and Well-being Review Committee is to hear more evidence about Finsbury Health Centre this month at Islington Town Hall. At 2pm Wednesday 7 October English Heritage, Heritage of London Trust Operations and Dr Peter Baines whose practice is based at Finsbury HC will be speaking; former MP for Islington South Lord Chris Smith will be speaking at 6pm Weds 14 October in Room RO4; Islington Buildings Preservation Trust at the H&WB meeting, 7.30 Monday 19 October, along with SaveFHC; Islington Chief Exec John Foster and Executive Member for Health Cllr Ursula Woolley at the H&WB meeting 7.30 Monday 16 November. The Committee would also like to hear from Camden and Islington Community Solutions, the PCT’s LIFT company which came up with the £9.8 million figure for refurbishment, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. All these meetings are open to the public, who have also been able to ask questions after the councillors have finished.

Draft recommendations are due to be discussed at the 10 December meeting, with a final report to be made on 7 January.

Recent Tribune articles: Finsbury Centre campaign makes an appeal to history (25 Sept – James Dunnett of DoCoMomo about the Dispensaria in Barcelona)
Why we remain scptical about need to close down health centre (2 Oct – Letter from Cllr Martin Klute about their investigation)


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