It will cost as much to sell FHC as to do it up: tonight 7.30

The findings of the Health and Wellbeing Review Committee will be discussed tonight at Islington Town Hall at 7.30. Chair Martin Klute’s revised key findings are here. The meeting will be a discussion of specific points; the main vote about whether to refer the matter back to the Dept of Health will not be taken until the next meeting on Monday 1 February.

The revised findings have been substantially strengthened in the wake of evidence from the LIFTco and Rachel Tyndall last December, particularly on the money side of things. They largely confirm what many of us felt from the start but were not able to pin down in such detail. Basically it will cost NHS Islington (PCT) just as much to sell Finsbury Health Centre as to do it up, however it is financed. And Tyndall’s claim that only the LIFTco could be used, was not substantiated by representatives from LIFTco itself. They presumably have a more detailed knowledge of the contract than she does.

The public will be able to speak at the end of the discussion, please come if you can make it.

Best wishes of the new year to all!


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