Sandbagging at Finsbury Health Centre: TV clip

SaveFHC supporter Mike Christie has forwarded this clip from a TV series he directed in 2001, ‘From Here to Modernity”. Highlights include words from Lubetkin himself at the 50th anniversary of FHC in 1988, an interview with architect John Allan who worked on a partial refurbishment in 1994, and footage of the wartime sandbagging of FHC.


2 Responses

  1. I have just looked at the video clip of John Allen’s programme. THere is no better case for the preservation of FHC than this. Brilliant to have it on the website.

  2. The video gives an excellent background history of the poverty and housing conditions in Clerkenwell (which I remember as a child) that eventually led to the building of Finsbury Health Centre. The courage shown by the Finsbury Borough Councillors to engage the brilliant architect Berthold Lubetkin to design and build in 1938 the first Health Centre in the UK of a ‘modern building’ which is as functional today as when it opened is still amazing.

    For five generations (so far) my family have been patients at the Finsbury Health Centre and with regular maintenance and today’s necessary refurbishment (due to neglect) it can continue for the next five generations.

    Helen Cagnoni

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