Picket NHS Islington Thursday 25 March

We will be picketing outside the NHS Islington (PCT) headquarters at 338 Goswell Rd EC1 before their next Executive Board meeting between 8.30-9.15am Thursday 25 March, and we would also like to encourage all who can to come inside and attend the meeting which starts at 9.30.

Chief Exec Rachel Tyndall has ruled out a presentation of the results of the Health and Wellbeing Committee’s exhaustive investigation of the PCT’s case for selling Finsbury Health Centre and the alternatives for refurbishing it by HWB Chair Martin Klute at this meeting, although negotiations to get the presentation heard and discussed by board members are on-going.

In any event, despite the agenda allegedly being ‘too full’ to discuss the HWB’s investigation into Finsbury Health Centre, there will be a discussion of Polyclinics, including a new one planned for South Islington.

This is scheduled, however, in Part II of the meeting, when: “as publicity on items contained in Part II of the agenda would be prejudicial to public interest by reason of their confidential nature, representatives of the press and members of the public should be excluded from the remainder of the meeting.” So, in the PCT’s convoluted thinking, public discussions of issues central to the organisation of public healthcare are now ‘prejudicial to the public interest.’ You couldn’t make it up.


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