Back in the postbag

There was a brace of letters in the Tribune last Friday (8 April) in response to Tom Foot’s front page article the previous week, which had excoriated North Central London Sector Chief Exec Rachel Tyndall for the proposals to close Whittington A&E. All, including Martin Klute who was the prime mover behind the Council report into Finsbury Health Centre, took Tyndall to task for how she’s handled FHC and the Whittington, while making the point that actually the problem raised by both issues is the general lack accountability of the people who run the NHS. Candidates please note this is possible to do in under 300 words.

Of course we can’t help mentioning Tyndall’s 40% pay rise every time. It has come out that nationally, NHS managers have seen their pay rise three times as fast as most front-line workers.

And just in this morning, a full page in the Guardian, with a comment by Jonathan Glancey, about Finsbury Health Centre. It’s pretty soft on the PCT but at least makes the point about how important the building is.


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