Resounding ‘yes’ at hustings

Thanks goes to all the SaveFHC supporters who showed up for the Town Hall hustings last week and waited through over an hour of heated discussion of Homes of Islington (the Arms Length Management Organisation which runs Islington’s housing) with the local party leaders. Natural enough since it was organised by the Federation of Islington Tenants Associations. When we did finally get a chance to ask about the leaders’ commitment to carrying on with referral if the PCT doesn’t agree to the Council’s recommendations to keep Finsbury Health Centre open, there was an unequivocal and resounding ‘yes’ from all parties.

There will also be a local hustings this Wed 21 April, 7pm at St James Church on Clerkenwell Close, EC1. Although details of who will be attending isn’t entirely clear, at least some local parliamentary candidates should be there, and it may be the only chance to meet some of our local council candidates. Hopefully also the discussion will be more wide-ranging than the one last week.

Meanwhile, in response to last week’s Guardian article, there were two letters published on Saturday – one from Lord Chris Smith, a supporter of this campaign from the beginning. The other was from a former patient at FHC who said she found the building uncomfortable and intimidating when she went there in the 1950s – after the building had been extensively bashed around during and after World War II. It certainly doesn’t seem representative of most patients’ experience.


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  1. With regard to hustings this Wednesday at St James Clerkenwell:

    Emily Thornberry, Bridget Fox and Antonia Cox will be there and they will be answering questions on matters of local importance like Finsbury Health Centre. Please come along, all welcome.

    For more details, go to

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