More press and events in election run-up

There was an opinion piece published in the Guardian Tuesday by Martin Klute which goes into more detail than the original article did about the argument with the PCT about the Finsbury Health Centre, and puts the arguments against closure very strongly. Angela Sinclair-Loutit also had another great letter in the Islington Tribune last week about the lack of consultation and democracy in the NHS which has lead to both the FHC and Whitttington debacles. Still no word, however from the PCT regarding when the board will hear the Council’s report.

The hustings at St James church last week was a pretty lackluster affair, not very well attended. The audience who was there was curiously silent, perhaps people were influenced by the arrangements for the TV debates. Thanks to several SaveFHC supporters who turned up. The parliamentary candidates from all parties said all the right things about Finsbury Health Centre, we can only hope that they will follow through if elected.

Other events this week:
The Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition is having a Day of Action this Thursday 29 April with various events including a rally in front of the Hospital between 12-2pm. Speakers include most of the local parliamentary candidates, the leaders of the parties on the Council as well as Andrew Lansley, Conservative Health spokesperson.

There will also be a People’s Charter hustings on Friday 30 April at 8-9.30pm organised by the Islington Trades Council at Islington Central Library on Holloway Road. Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and candidates from the Green Party are confirmed; representatives from other parties have been asked.


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