More PCT delay; FHC presentation to Council Executive 27 May 7.30pm

Contrary to our previous report, Cllr Martin Klute will be making a presentation of his report on Finsbury Health Centre at the Executive of Islington Council on Thursday evening, not to the PCT Executive board in the morning. The PCT made a statement yesterday that their Executive Board will be ‘formally’ discussing the Council report in July. They have also apparently agreed to a separate meeting in the meantime to hear a presentation of the Council’s findings, although the details (like when it will happen and whether it will be ‘in public’ or not) have yet to be sorted out.

So don’t get out of bed or take off work this Thursday morning unless you’re interested in how the PCT is reacting to Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s new regime, which threatens the recent proliferation of the new sector trusts like the one responsible for the Whittington closure proposals. The important date to put in your diary is Thursday 22 July.

It is anyone’s guess quite why, after three resolutions by the full Council which supported refurbishing and keeping Finsbury Health Centre open, the Council’s Executive need to hear the report now. The Council Executive meeting, at 7.30 in the Town Hall, is another one which is ‘in public’ but people can go watch but not speak. SaveFHC will be there to see what happens, anyone interested in going should be aware that the presentation is scheduled after three other substantial reports.


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