Adjournment debate on the ‘Future of Finsbury Health Centre’

To see that adjournment debate in full, click here and scroll to 19:08:35 on the clock.
Quite a good speech from Thornberry, noting the history, architecture, funding possibilities, findings of the Health and Wellbeing Committee, and growing petition support. (Please sign if you haven’t already, and recommend to your friends!) She urged the government to come to a speedy resolution after all this time, and invited the minister to come visit the Finsbury Health Centre with her.

The response was about what could be expected from Coalition Lib Dem Minister of State for Care Services Paul Burstow in terms of putting both sides of the argument and urging a local resolution. He did seem to indicate, however, that the Government would not look kindly on the PCT not following the will of ‘local people’. Referral procedure to go through the Independent Reconfiguration Panel as per before if no agreement is reached. He did praise Cllr Martin Klute by name, however, and the thoroughness of his committee’s report. When he said that the recommendations would need not only the support of the committee but the full Council, however, Thornberry missed a trick by not bringing up the three full Council resolutions, the last one unanimous, in support of keeping the Health Centre open.
Unfortunately they were only talking to each other and some SaveFHC supporters in the gallery!


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