D-day at the PCT: rally at 8am

Turns out, despite fears expressed in the Tribune last week, that the PCT board will have a discussion about Finsbury Health Centre after all. From the latest missive from the Chair of Islington NHS (PCT) Paula Kahn:

Let me clarify the process for Thursday. We will receive the report from the…Health and Wellbeing Committee as the first item on the Board agenda. Martin Klute, as Chair of that Committee, will speak … and then the Board will discuss that and the wider issues…this is a meeting in public but we have extended an invitation to Martin to speak.

Nothing like noblesse oblige. Now it is up to the other board members whether there will be some form of quick resolution about Finsbury Health Centre. We can only hope that they will see through the obfuscations of the executive and reject any plan for South Islington which does not include the refurbishment and continued use of Finsbury Health Centre.

Come encourage them to show some independence of mind tomorrow morning from 8am to 9.15 at the PCT Headquarters, 338 Goswell Rd EC1. Bring your own placards and voices – that extra hour of work or sleep lost could help save our health centre for the community!


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