That vision thing

Our reply to the latest Islington Gazette report of the PCT’s decision to reject the Council’s recommendations appeared last Thursday, inspired by the PCT’s annoying habit of calling their plans ‘visions’. Supporter Andrew da Sylva’s letter challenging officials to show they care about FHC and the popular feeling for it also appeared in the Islington Tribune.

After much behind the scenes manoeuvring by English Heritage, things seem to be moving on the repairs front, as reported this week in both Building Design and the Islington Tribune.

The Health and Wellbeing Review Committee will decide whether to refer the PCT decision to ignore their recommendations to the Department of Health on Thursday, 2 September at Islington Town Hall. Please join us while we make the case for referral, as argued in the previous post about the proposed health reforms. Whatever happens then we are determined to continue our fight for the centre.

The SaveFHC Campaign is also making plans for a public meeting on 30 September, ‘What Future for Finsbury Health Centre – What Future for the NHS?’ to discuss whatever options for FHC seem available by that time, and the current White Paper proposals. More news about this later.


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