Looking forward to progress in the New Year

The Finsbury Health Centre Community Trust signed itself into existence on the 13th of December, and there were positive meetings with FHC staff, Islington Council and Heritage of London Trust Operations before Christmas. The next FCCT meeting will be on Tuesday 18 January, 7.30 at 1a Arts Etc on Rosebery Ave, EC1. We will be discussing the situation as it stands, preparations for an AGM in February, and how best to carry things forward.

Two days before the holiday there came news that Rachel Tyndall, Islington PCT’s ex-Chief Executive who claimed she would happily ‘knock down Finsbury Health Centre tomorrow if it weren’t listed’ is leaving her current post as Chief Exec of the North Central London Sector (NCL) in April. One would hate to think that she couldn’t face the issue of Finsbury Health Centre landing back to her desk when all the functions of Islington PCT meld into NCL that month…

Considering that Finsbury Health Centre was finished in 1938, maybe it is fitting that amidst all the current chaos and cuts we’re now closer than ever to actually saving Finsbury Health Centre for our community. This was only possible with the good will and effort of many people. SaveFHC would like to thank all who have contributed to the campaign in various ways over the last two and a half years, and wish everyone a great 2011. It will not be an easy year, but one perhaps when we’ll reap the fruits of standing together.


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