Next trust meeting Thurs 10 Feb, PCT still trying to move services out

The next Finsbury Health Centre Community Trust meeting will be held next Thursday, 10 February, 7.30pm at St Clements Church, Kings Square, EC1V 8AB (off Central Street). Closest buses 43, 214, 205, 55, 243. The space was kindly offered for no charge by their vicar David Allen; it will be the first time we’ve met on the east side of Finsbury where the SaveFHC campaign has had solid support from residents. At the meeting there will be an update including recent positive correspondence with NHS London about money for FHC, and planning for an AGM in March. Islington Gazette published a letter today from the campaign about the use of money from the Pine St sale:

Also, the PCT has started a consultation about moving the biomechanics and orthotics (investigating and monitoring bone and muscle structure) entirely up to Holloway. Again there is the usual word-game about whether this service is ‘local’ or not. Since these services deal generally with people who have mobility problems it should really be offered in both places, although if a choice has to be made FHC is more convenient for most people going to and from work from all parts of the borough. While the PCT still claim they cannot spend money towards refurbishment of FHC they are still engaged in trying to move services out – which they admit will itself cost money, in advance of any plans towards refurbishment which could include putting this service closer to physio. This despite the recent promise from the new provider (employer) trust being formed, Whittington Health, that staff would be staying where they are. The deadline for responses is 6 April.

For those interested in the general issue of cuts to services there will be a march through Islington organised by Islington Hands Off Our Services this Saturday, 5 Feb, starting from Nags Head, Holloway at 12 and winding up at the Angel. We’ll have our banner there, please join us!


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