FHC Community Trust to become full charity

At the last Finsbury Health Centre Community Trust meeting on 10 February, the group decided to make a formal division between the political campaigning for NHS services as has been conducted for the last two years by the Campaign to Save Finsbury Health Centre and getting the building properly refurbished and restored for our community, to be pursued by the Finsbury Health Centre Community Trust. A small group was formed to pursue this, and will report back to the next meeting Thursday, 17 March 7.30pm, St Clements Church EC1V 8AB. Thanks again to David Allan, vicar of St Clements, who graciously offered the space in the church ‘as one historic building to another’.

Regardless of parliament still being in the throes of debating the health bill, the NHS seems to be unwinding before our eyes. The meeting agreed it important to have an organisational structure able to legally take possession of FHC if necessary. As far as anyone (including the Government, since there is nothing about what will happen to NHS property in the published bill) knows, the PCT as still a legal entity, if not a ‘governing’ entity, will continue to exist for the next two years and will still own FHC.


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