Physio down to one day a week; orthotics/Pine St slieght-of-hand?

At the meeting of the Finsbury Health Centre Community Trust last week, a recent physio patient reported that she felt ‘very pressured’ by the appointments people to go to Holloway in stead of FHC – she was told that it is only offered there one day a week, and that if she insisted on going to FHC, the wait would be some weeks longer. She lives less than half a mile away from FHC, which is also on her way to work, while going to Holloway means a trip entirely out of her way on two buses. ‘If I hadn’t been quite determined about getting an appointment there, I’m sure I would have felt I had to go to Holloway.’

We knew that the Physiotherapy service at FHC had been cut to two days a week, and SaveFHC has heard several other complaints about patients having trouble getting their appointments at FHC. But the demand is concentrated in the south of the borough, as shown by the PCT’s own scattermaps. If you have had trouble getting a physio appointment at FHC, please let us know (email and also complain to the Patient Advice and Complaints Service so that it is officially registered and has to be publicly reported.

Ledger warp or time warp

This throws a shadow over the current consultation over moving orthotics and biomechanics entirely to Holloway. The PCT have said in public that there are no plans to move out any more services – but it seems loathe even to wait for the end of its own consultation about this one. A staff member reported last week that the PCT’s plans to use £320,000 from the sale of the Pine St building next door included moving out orthotics and sprucing up their quarters for another service. The sale itself only went through last week, but the PCT also claim they have to spend the sale proceeds by the end of March, or else the money will somehow disappear. The deadline for answering the consultation is April 6, with no formal decision possible before May. Is the PCT living in a ledger-warp or time-warp? Or both?

STOP PRESS: letter from Helen Pettersen in the Islington Gazette about how the PCT are doing ‘a partial refurbishment’ here. We still have to ask, though, why the rush on to spend a capital reciept?

Article in Tribune, 18 Feb: FHC patients urged to rally to defence of historic building in face of plans to move departments


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  1. […] that they would co-operate with our proposed plans for refurbishment, the reality is that the PCT still has not even shared their list of ‘improvements’ to be done with money left over from the Pine St […]

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