What’s in a name? meeting 16 June; Orthotics move approved, £135m cuts ahead across 5 boroughs

After some correspondence and a long conversation with the NHS’s ‘Head of Brand Management’ over the past week, it seems we are going to have to change the name of ‘Finsbury Health Centre Community Trust’ to something which includes ‘preservation’ or ‘modernisation’ or some such before being able to file the trust papers with Companies House. Not only was ‘Health Centre’ a problem, but since ‘community’ is also often used (many might say abused) in NHS names ‘this would cause confusion’ that we might be offering NHS services. “We only get one chance to object, and this could be sold on to someone else who is offering health services,” was the plaint. Since we do need a letter from him to at least secure the words ‘Finsbury Health Centre’ in our name, the first item on the agenda at our next meeting will be this thorny problem. Hopefully it won’t take too long – please email any suggestions beforehand to our yahoo address on the left. Assuming we come up with something, hopefully this will mean we can get filed by the end of June, and be able to proceed on to register with the Charities Commission. So, the next meeting will be Thursday, 16 June, 7.30pm at St Clement’s Church, King’s Square, London EC1V 8DA. Many thanks as always to Fr. David Allen and his parisioners for hosting us.

Othotics move approved

At the last North Central London (Sector? Cluster?) NHS meeting on 19 May, the move of orthotics/biomechanics was approved by the board after the consultation results showed 79% approval for it. Barb Jacobson asked a formal question about the fact that many responses which suggested that the service be offered both at FHC and in Holloway were not reflected in the report on the consultation (available in Appendix I3 on NCL’s website here) and recieved an answer that it was not possible because of ‘economies of scale’ and ‘lone working on site’ – whatever, should have at least made it into the responses section! The other query was about whether the responses suggesting both sites were put down as ‘approving’ the move, and apparently they were not. The consultation and other papers promise that no other services will be moved, the report reiterates that ‘there are no plans to move any other services from Finsbury Health Centre in the foreseeable future’. We must hold them to that. Worries were raised by another item on the agenda, which was to transfer ownership of NHS property in Barnet to ‘Barnet Community Health Trust’ (there’s that pesky word ‘community’ again) but the Chair of NCL Paula Kahn assured us that the transfer of FHC to any other body is ‘not on the agenda, there are too many uncertainties at the moment’.

£135m cuts to services hidden under QIPP

In typical double-speak, £135 million cuts to PCT services throughout the five boroughs is hidden under the ‘Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention’ programme briefly introduced at the meeting last week. The next NCL board meeting, where these will be finalised, is on Thursday 23 June, 2pm in the Conference Centre at St Pancras Hospital, St Pancras Way NW1. The meeting is ‘in public’.

Saturday 28 May UKuncut ‘Emergency Operation’

This Saturday there will be actions nationwide sponsored by UKuncut to protest the government’s health reform bill and lack of action on reforming the banks. See http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/actions/list to find one near you. If there isn’t one, they’re inviting people to come up with their own here. Follow us on Twitter @SaveFHC (listed to the right on this web page, if it doesn’t appear try http://twitter.com/SaveFHC) for the latest updates. The ‘listening exercise’ is due to finish at the end of May, with a report by the first week of June by the ‘Forum for the Future’. After that there will be a third reading and vote in the Commons before it goes to the House of Lords.


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