Next meeting: Monday 13 February 7.30 at St Clements Kings Square EC1

At our next meeting we’ll be having an update on moves towards establishing a building preservation trust, and planning a public event to celebrate both the continued use of Finsbury Health Centre as an NHS heath centre and the new Finsbury Health Centre Preservation Trust.

BDonline has recently published an article about FHC’s future being ‘secure’ when in fact it feels far from it unless the Health Reform Bill is dropped. The Bill in its original form said nothing about NHS property, and September’s directive to devolve ownership to providers using over 50% of the building has apparently been resisted by the potential Foundation Trusts and GP surgeries affected. We have been trying to arrange a tour of the building in the wake of the emergency works for months, but are being told that ‘they are not quite finished yet’.

Where’s the bill now?

In the meantime, Lansley’s NHS reform bill is still in the Lords. Most of the healthcare professionals’ colleges have come out against it, with the glaring exception of the Royal College of Surgeons. 38Degrees has just published this Yougov survey of NHS staff, who are overwhelmingly opposed.


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