Finsbury Health Centre Preservation Trust Launch Fri 14 Dec

The  Finsbury Health Centre Preservation Trust is being launched on Friday, 14 December 7.00-10pm in the Reception area of Finsbury Health Centre – with live music, food, drink and a few (short!) speeches, for staff and patients at Finsbury Health Centre and supporters of the SaveFHC campaign.
The FHCPT will be working to raise money for and oversee a complete restoration and modernisation of the building, to ensure that Finsbury Health Centre remains at the heart of our  community, doing what it was designed for.
We will also be celebrating the hard work by staff looking after patients at Finsbury Health Centre, the recent repairs by the NHS, and the many supporters of our campaign who fought for the building to remain open. The 14th also happens to be Lubetkin’s birthday!
While we live in a dangerous time for the NHS, coming together in celebration now may also help us protect this most popular of British post-war achievements – largely inspired by Finsbury Health Centre and others like it in Wales and Peckham.
Many thanks to Whittington Health and the North Central London NHS for making this celebration possible. It will be a great opportunity to meet the people involved with forming FHCPT and your neighbours, and to see this difficult year out in style. As the building’s architect Lubetkin famously said, ‘Nothing’s too good for ordinary people’!

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