Finsbury Health Centre will be open for Open House weekend


Finsbury Health Centre will be open for both days of Open House this weekend, 21-22 September 10am – 4pm. There will be a small exhibition of the Cullen cartoons (see one of them above) and other historical material in the lobby, and the rest of the building will be accessible via tours. The tour will go around most of the building except for clinical space and administrative offices, and will include the boiler room, where during the recent upgrade of the boiler the original was kept in place, along with other historic fittings. Volunteers from both the campaign and FHC Preservation Trust will have further information about the building, the new Trust, postcards of Abram Games’ poster ‘Your Britain – Fight for it Now!’ featuring FHC (50p) and copies of Alec Forshaw’s ’20th Century Islington’ (£10) on sale. This will be the first time in many years that FHC has been open for this popular event.

The new landlords, NHS Property Services, are very proud of the building (which makes a big change!) and are opening FHC along with their newest health centre in the Olympic Village for the occasion. Do take the chance to see more of the building than usual or just stop by and say hello!

The FHC Preservation Trust is also organising a party in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the opening of FHC in 1938. This will be the evening of Monday, 21 October: more details to follow.

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