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Survival battle for historic health centre 4.3.09
Prioritising Penguins (Tristram Hunt) 21.5.09
Campaigners fight plan to sell world-renowned Finsbury Health Centre 12.4.10
Finsbury Health Centre – an Experts view (Jonathan Glancey) 12.4.10
Letters: Second opinions on Health Centre (Chris Smith) 17.4.10
Response: This inspirational building must not be closed down (Martin Klute) 27.4.10

New Statesman

Too good for the workers 12.02.09

Islington Tribune


Pioneers’ dream centre that led the way for the National Health 15.8.08
‘Beacon of Light’ Health Centre in need of tender loving care (Angela Sinclair) 09.12.08
Break up of historic health service a ‘done deal’ 26.9.08
MP’s fight for NHS ‘palace of the people’ 17.10.08
Patients deserve the best, that’s why we must quit health centre (Rachel Tyndall, PCT) 10.24.08
Health Centre campaigners battle on 31.10.08
Taking on government could save historic health building 14.11.08
The £9 million dollar question…are you big enough to save our health centre? (John Allan) 23.1.09
Threatened health centre wins reprieve 20.2.09
Keep health centre open says minister 22.5.09
Health Centre: We still have a fight on our hands (SaveFHC letter) 05.06.09
‘Consult us’ say health campaigners 12.6.09

Ache of things to come…3-mile walk for physio 03.07.09
‘Bun fight’ at health centre sell-off meeting 10.07.09
Can Health Centre still be rescued 28.08.09
Pavillion shows the way to save health centre 18.09.09
Finsbury Centre campaign makes an appeal to history 25.09.09
Pioneer’s grandchildren plea to save historic health centre 11.10.09
‘Keep Health Centre’ says Palin 23.10.09
Health Centre probe points finger at firms 6.11.09
Found: £2.4 mil ‘stash’ that could save health centre 13.11.09


A pioneer…in its day (PCT) 22.8.08
Will centre sell-off actually save any money? (SaveFHC) 29.8.08
Don’t dispair, pioneering centre can still be saved from axe (SaveFHC) 10.10.08
Two conservation experts oppose plans 31.10.08
If health centre is sold, will surgeries be built? 11.14.08
Will our historic Health Centre become a wreck? 21.11.08
Narrow vision of health centre decision makers (Save FHC) 06.2.09
Patients ignored 12.06.09

Hopes rise for centre 26.06.09
Gaps remain in case for closure of health centre 17.7.09

Why we remain sceptical about need to close down health centre (Cllr Martin Klute) 02.10.09
Our spanking new buildings will fall in demolition derby 11.10.09

Islington Gazette

Health centre sell-off blocked 22.5.09
Lord joins battle to save Finsbury Health Centre 22.10.09
Health Centre decision makers must make views know (letter, Leo Chapman) 4.11.09

Building Design

Chris Smith joins Lubetkin Centre fight 30.1.09
Lubetkin’s Grade 1 listed centre to be sold off to private sector 30.1.09
Islington offers hope for future of health centre 16.2.09
Lubetkin’s health centre – the ideal that time forgot (Peter Davey) 3.09

Architects Journal

Ailing modern icon on the mend 16.11.06
Lubetkin’s Finsbury Health Centre put up for sale 5.7.08
Lubetkin sale agreed: Finsbury Health Centre’s future in doubt 29.1.09

Finsbury Health Centre’s fierce idealism needs to be preserved (John Cooper) 3.5.09
A room with a not so pleasant view 2.4.09

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