This is via Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal Account, you can still donate here without a Paypal account or payments can be made directly to Sort Code: 60-12-02 A/C 25691422

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We also have lovely postcards of the Abram Games poster for 50p each, and ‘Save Finsbury Health Centre – No Sell Off’ badges for 50p each. If you would like these please send your postal address to: savefhc (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

At the moment the money is going towards keeping our campaign going – if we succeed anything extra will go towards the refurbishment of Finsbury Health Centre.

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  1. Fifteen years ago, as organiser of an international conference in Brighton Open Building, I arranged for John Allen to lead a study visit for what I thought might be a few interested delegates. We filled a coach with enthusiasts from Europe, Japan and the US, most of whom knew of the building. Our interest was in the open design, which gave the building immense potential flexibility for future changes in health care, flexibility which is still there to be used.

    FHC is not just an architectural and social icon for us, it has world resonance and must be saved for its original purpose, which even today it could ably fulfil.

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